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Gas turbine and aero industry background will allow us to provide the best quality work for any type of industrial equipment service including rotating equipment service either at the field or at the site within limited period of time at the plant operation.

Rotating Equipment Services

Hydrocarbon market:

  • API610 Process Pump

  • API611/612 Steam Turbine

  • API613 Gear

  • API617 Centrifugal Compressor

  • API619 Screw Compressor

Power market

  • Boiler Feed Water Pump per API610

  • Cooling Water Pump per ANSI/H.I.

  • Condensate Water Pump per ANSI/H.I.

  • API612 Steam Turbine up to 200MW with Gen Set

  • API619 Screw Compressor


Shop Rotating Equipment Services

Shop Machines

  • Horizontal Lathe, 44" x 2 sets

  • Boring Mill, 90” x 80” x 1 set

  • Vertical Lathe, 62" x 1 set

  • Key Way Cutter, 4.0" w x 1 set

  • Milling Machine, 1 set

  • Surface Grinding Machine, 50" x 24” x 1 set

  • CNC Laths, HAAS SL-30, SL-40

  • CNC Mills, HAAS VF-30, VF-50

  • Welding

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