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Field Machining Services

Fuji Industrial Services provide field machining services to the site when the equipment is not possibly removed from the field. We bring the necessary mills and tooling to machine and finish the machining surface for the adjustment of field design changes. 


  • Turbines case

  • Boiler feed water pump case

  • Exchangers

  • Centrifugal compressors

  • Reciprocal compressors

  • Piping systems

  • Equipment Base Plate

  • Vertical Turbine Pump Sole Plate


  • FARO Arm 3D Modeling

  • Milling/drilling

  • Case restoration (Case split line)
  • Pipe cutting

  • OD/ID mount flanges facing

  • Baseplate and soleplate adjustment

  • Coupling Alignment surface

  • Reactor gear base plate

logo faro.png
logo faro.png
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